2012 Part 2

On the Gregorian calendar, we are now in the second half of 2012. We often ask “Where did the time go?” Now there’s a question for the ages. We can’t answer that question and a better one would be “What did I do with the time we call the first six months of 2012 and what am I going to do with the last six months?”

Would you be willing to choose a review of January through June 2012? If so, try this form.

1. Count your successes and the good things that came your way. If you had written down goals, write down any achievement, partial or complete. Yea for you! Yea because you wrote them down, yea because you pushed through the obstacles that tried to stopped you. Yea!

Celebrating is so much fun. I don’t do enough of it around accomplishing goals. I know how to have fun and do. What I am saying here is that I don’t, when I accomplish a goal that I’ve written down, take the time to celebrate, acknowledge it in some fashion. That celebration does not have to be extravagant, my friends.

Don’t only write down what you might call “big” goals. Include that time you held your tongue when you wanted to lash out or correct someone when it wasn’t yours to correct; include adopting that new habit in your way of eating that you planned to. Yes, you did it imperfectly. We are not into that unattainable state we call perfect. Celebrate making one more sale per month than the six months before; celebrate taking 100 percent responsibility for your life whenever you did that.

We respond much more to success in our lives than beating ourselves up for what we didn’t do. Your success list for six months ought to be long. Have fun with it! Say “Self, I am so thankful I have this list of successes! I see that I did make changes, accomplished good, and went down the road of where I want to go.”

Yes, yes, you did it imperfectly. Don’t stick on that, that’s not celebrating.

Make your Monday about writing down and celebrating your successes in the first half of 2012.

Part two of this is deciding what it is you want to accomplish in that time frame and writing it down. Write in the positive, not in the negative. Don’t write down “I am not going to …” Write down what your behavior is going to be when you are not doing that thing you want to write down. “I am going to …”

One of the ways to inform part two is to look at what you had set out to accomplish in the first half of 2012. When you see places you didn’t think or act in the manner you set out to, what will you do instead this time? Notice we are not saying “try” here. Be Yoda–do or do not do; there is no try.

Yes, we do make note of where we missed the mark that we’d set for ourselves. It is for showing us how we can adjust so that we come closer or hit the mark the next six months. It’s feedback. Feedback is our friend.

When you achieve what you set out to achieve along the way in these next six months, how will you celebrate? Write that down, too.

This, then, is I am asking you to end up with this week:

• List of successes January-June 2012.
• List of how will you celebrate those successes now or how did you celebrate them
• List of what you intend to accomplish July-December 2012
• List of how you will celebrate each of those second-half-of-2012 accomplishments

I do have quite a list myself and I have adjustments to make to reach an even more successful second half. This year is one of many beginnings for me and more are on the way. I’ll share a little next week.