Encouraging clarity

As you begin your Monday, looking to this day and the six that follow, do you have clarity about that which you expect to happen? About what you will accomplish?

When you get to next week’s Monday and you reflect back, what are the thoughts you’ll have about how you spent your time? Those precious hours that will not be available to you again?

I encourage you to write down three things you want to accomplish this week. Three things that push you a little outside your comfort zone; that if they were accomplished by next Monday, you would check those off as success with a “Yes! I did it!” These can be in any area of your life.

• Write them down.
• Review them daily; several times a day is better.

Start small if need be, especially if this idea and practice are new to you. I am using this term “starting small” as a task, a phone call, practicing looking for good around you, whatever it may be as only a tiny bit outside your comfort zone. Whatever you view for yourself as being pushed a little. Start there.

If this idea and practice you have been about for a while, don’t let that familiarity lead you to complacency. Write those three goals and make them as big as you will accomplish this week.

Writing the three goals is a means of developing clarity. Clarity, which means being clear, requires us all to push aside the noise of life to listen, think, and reflect on what motivates us to move forward on our goals.

If you already have done the work of vision and life purpose statements, wonderful! Use this week to review if your actions are lining up with those.

If the idea of having a vision and life purpose statement are new to you, don’t freak out. In the weeks that come we’ll address those. This week, though, I repeat my encouragement to write down three goals for the week. Remember these are three that require you to step out of your comfort zone.

I’m doing it along with you as we travel together discovering our best selves.

Would love to hear from you. Let me know how I can support you.

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