A thankful way of life

Do you consider yourself a thankful person? Someone who practices gratitude daily? We can always find something to be grateful about even in the midst of dire circumstances.

This morning I hear birds singing outside this early morning. I am thankful to hear the sounds of nature. In that are two things to be thankful about. 1. I can hear. 2. Birds serenading me outside my door….okay, they are merely doing what they do. I choose to think of them serenading me.

Other things I practice being thankful for are the ability to read and write, and living in a country where women are expected to learn how to read and write. I have clean water to drink by merely turning on the tap. The reality is that these are not so worldwide. I do not want to take them for granted. I didn’t earn them, they are the circumstances I was born into.

Even Mondays. I can be thankful for Mondays as they comprise one-seventh of my life. That’s a pretty big honkin’ percentage (Texas-speak for a significant amount). Why waste it with an every-week grumpy attitude, which is common in the United States?

There is a saying of “What goes around, comes around.” Let’s agree to be persons of gratitude, persons who smile, learn, and daily pursue our own passions, growing in love of life and maturity in navigating it. Sure, I am not where I want to be in that yet I can be thankful I am not where I used to be either. I prefer good and thankful to come around. You?

When you write down those little bites from two weeks ago that continue to move you toward your big goal, will you jot down two, three, or more circumstances, people, relationships or opportunities you are thankful for? Writing things down helps cement thankfulness in our hearts and minds. The person that affects the most is you, and the people around you get to enjoy your thankful attitude, too.