Be a student always

Are you pursuing new ideas, new knowledge, new connections? Part of the grand adventure of life is expanding what your know and how you show up in the world. I bet you already do that naturally for what you are currently passionate about. Hobbies, business/career, and relationships in all forms. That quest keeps us all interested in our life lives.

This past weekend I attended a conference (Experts Academy) for that very reason. Learning more so that I can serve those around me more…like you! I also met fantastic people such as Karen Kennedy of Lady Blossoms Social Etiquette Program and Services and and Sharon Haver of

Did you write down a few steps toward your big goal last week? Did you do them? Do you need to reach out to someone else to ask questions about how to do that something that’s a little bite on your list? That is in the “be a student always” category.

I am excited for you whatever your big dream is. Reach out. Pursue. Learn. Act.