Little bites

Quick! What’s that big goal you wrote down last week? Even if you didn’t do it write one down right now. Don’t over think it.

I hope it is so big a goal you have no idea how you will get from where you are now to the accomplishment of the goal.

“Begin to weave and God will give the thread.”

This German proverb is on a piece of mixed media art that I bought years ago. I’ve allowed that thought to give me courage to begin when I had no idea how to accomplish what I knew what was set before me. Martin Luther King said it this way,

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”

Now that you’ve marinated in your big goal for a while, a whole week I hope, let’s take a little bite of it. Though you can’t see how you could ever accomplish the entire goal, what two or three tiniest of bites (actions) could you take in that direction in the next week?

• Conduct research?
• Make one phone call?

• Get a notebook to write everything down in so you can keep up with your progress as you go along?

Seriously. The tiniest of action steps gets the ball rolling in the right direction for you. You gain a little momentum, a small glimmer of positivity that, well, maybe you could actually accomplish this goal even though you don’t know every step to it. You will know every step to it looking backward from the achievement of it. Going forward you only need look at the next step in front of you. It is so simple.

One of my sisters could see her retirement on the horizon a few years ago. She knew she wanted to move away from her current location which would mean selling her house. She knew she wanted sufficient financial reserves for a certain mental comfort level she desired.

All my siblings are smart people. I learn so much from them. I’ve watched her these last few years do the next step. Take the tiniest of bites. Selling a house requires a lot of work preparing it, and sometimes money. Though her house isn’t particularly old, it is of an age that buyers would begin to think certain systems ought be replaced. Over these years she’s methodically replaced the HVAC system, the roof, kitchen counters, etc. Thoughtful and methodical, following through on what seemed the best next step. Then taking the next step that appeared.

She applied for and received the allowed energy rebates at the city, state, and national levels. She watched many DIY shows to see what was being said about preparing a house for sale, over time implementing the strategies that made sense to her situation.

That’s only one part of her big dream of retiring from her professional employment, selling her home, moving to a new city. Step by little step, bite by little bite, she reached the place where she is now. She put her house on the market this spring, had a contract within three weeks, and is now looking at closing the sale in about a month. There is still much for her to do in this and other areas of accomplishing her dream. Still, she moves forward step by step, bite by little bite. Yes there is butterflies in her stomach, and occasional thinking “Ack! what have I done!” Those are natural to us when big changes come into our lives, planned or un.

Will you take a little bite this week?