The big one

Do you have a breakthrough goal? A dream goal that bubbles up out of your heart that it would be quantum leap for you? A goal so big it scares you a little to think about it? Yes, that goal.

It might be landing a promotion, finding romance, writing a book, changing jobs or careers, running a marathon, achieving your ideal weight, buying your first home, moving to a new location to live. Breakthrough goals are as varied as there are people. I know you have at least one. We all do whether we will acknowledge it or not.

Your assignment this week is simple: write it down.

If you’ve become so adept at covering up what is in your heart as far as a breakthrough goal, grab a few quiet minutes, review the list of environments from a few weeks ago, reflect on each category, write down what comes up for you.

You may find you don’t have a big goal for some or most of the categories. No sweat. Don’t force it. The assignment is not to have one for each category. The assignment is to have at least one total.

If you have more than one, pick one and only one to work with this week. Pick the one that scares you the most; the one you have no idea how to accomplish. When you don’t know how to accomplish it, that means it is big enough.

Daydream about that goal through the week. How would your life change as a result of accomplishing that goal? What would you be doing? Seeing? Feeling? Yes, imagine you reached the goal, walk around in that visualization.

This isn’t about the “how” it could be accomplished. This is about the “what” of it.

Remember, write the goal down. This is an important step. Don’t skip it.

Thank you for being willing to move in the direction of your dreams. The more we become who we are meant to be, the more benefit we bring to others and we experience a satisfaction in day-to-day living that is heady.

Write that goal down. Put it somewhere you’ll see it every day for the next seven. When you see it, visualize again what your life would be like if that goal were your actual experience now. That visualization ought make you smile, a smile you can’t suppress.