Success is a learned behavior

Did you choose to write down three things last week that you planned to accomplish by the time you arrived at this Monday? If you did, are you celebrating this morning that you moved ahead on wrote you wrote, even if by a little? I celebrate with you whatever you purposed to accomplish, three or not.

As I said last week, I am participating with you. One item I chose to write down is that I would exercise 30 minutes/day for five days of the week. I do like being active. But I know I can also easily fool myself into thinking I’m moving toward a toned and fit body if I do not plan and then act on the plan to achieve that. I am still learning how to incorporate what I say I want — a toned and fit body — with daily action. Celebrate with me that I did what I said to myself I would do! I am going to do that again this week. I like that feeling of accomplishment.

If you chose not to participate in last week’s activity, I share with you that the top one percent of achievers write down specific action steps on a daily to-do list that move them toward their goals and then they take those actions.

I have one to-do list that is about the tasks of life. It’s a long one. I suspect you do, too. That isn’t the daily to-do list being spoken of here. This short to-do list is part of a thoughtful plan that moves you toward your goals; it is the attractiveness or importance of the goal that gives us the energy to do the daily bits that move us closer to it.

Success is a learned behavior that comes from taking action. That bears repeating. Success is a learned behavior that comes from taking action.

Success is a learned behavior; it isn’t magic nor is it only reserved for a few. That pattern of behavior is learned from taking action. As you learn to take the small, planned steps consistently, you will achieve what you set out to achieve.

What is your definition of “successful”? This can be any area of your life whether it be family relationships, career and relationships with colleagues, learning to have fun with friends who encourage you to name a few.

Are you learning to take action on what it is that would have you in the space of “being successful”?

Let’s together do this again this week. Think about what you will accomplish by next Monday. Break down the steps to daily actions and write them down on the day you will do them. Review your list daily at least once, more often is better. Get ready to celebrate what you accomplished next Monday.

Let me know how I can support you in your endeavors.