Open to possibilities

“We should always be open to greater opportunity.” My dad told me this years ago. He was a career man and this particular comment had to do with working.

Completing university after his service in World War II (Thank you, GI Bill), he joined a company where he contributed until his retirement. He’d started off a poor Kansas farmboy and ended his career with a big title, much responsibility and much success. I don’t know if he’d seriously looked at other opportunities or had always found that his greater opportunity where he was.

When people decide to leave their current employment, the mind naturally turns to greater opportunity, often with the idea of escaping present conditions. Being open to greater opportunity is best practiced all the time and most especially when you are content with your current work. It’s about mindset. I am not advocating you begin sending out resumes or checking the job boards…though you might. Only you decide how to handle being open to greater opportunity at any phase of your life, because you are daily knowing and acting on the knowledge that you are 100 percent responsibility for your outcomes.

What is it about that saying that goes “You get what you expect”? Or its sister saying “What goes around comes around”? Bogus? Pollyanna? Actually, there are physiological reasons to adopt an attitude of expectation. I wrote about them last fall in this post about visualizing your goals.

I’ve seen remarkable circumstances come about for my coaching clients when they adopt this attitude of being always open to greater opportunity. I hope you’ll do the same. You’ll find out that Dad was right.