The power of knowing

Did you wake up this morning knowing what you want to happen today? You know, a plan? More importantly, do you know what it is that you want in the various parts of your life and have them written down? You know, goals.

Many people think “Eek! Goals! What if I want wrong?! What if I don’t get it! Eek!” Seriously. Don’t do that.

Instead, realize that that powerful, mysterious organ we call a brain is at work—all the time—to move you toward what you want. If you are not sure of what you want in any area of you life, you have the power to decide and begin going in that direction. You might change your goal along the way and that would not be defeat. That would merely be a change in your goal, not a moral failure.

Resisting knowing what you want? How about you write down three goals for the coming week as discussed in my post “Encouraging clarity.”

Do you have a big goal in some area of your life that you have no idea how you would accomplish it? Great! Remind yourself about refocusing on it at “Re, re, re” or read the reason it is important to you to have one in this post titled “The big one.”

We are creatures of habit; we are travelling together to learn and practice habits that support what we want out of the life we are given. The important first step is knowing what we want. Being clear about it and then choosing to pursue it relentlessly over time. Here’s another post about writing down and pursuing your goals.

Yes, it’s a repeated theme around here because, truly, most of us are unwilling to do the work of knowing what we want, writing those goals down, reminding ourselves of them regularly enough to take the next step we know to do. I’m rooting for you.