Peeking out of your box top

Here in the U.S., we have the saying “Thinking outside the box.” This phrase
causes me to ask are we all in the same box? Do we each have our own box?
What are we doing in a box anyway? Can we get out of that box? Are there
better adventures outside of it?

I use this quote often as I work with people individually and to groups: “Everything
you want is just outside your comfort zone.”* How do we know that? You would
have what you want if it was inside your comfort zone. Do you agree or disagree?

Most people associate the first saying with thinking creatively and doesn’t have to
do with them. “I am not a creative thinker.” I contend that being willing to ooch
outside our own comfort zone is also thinking outside our own box therefore
applies to each one of us.

Have you peeked over the edge of your box lately? Seeing (vision, daydream) what
your experience would then be if over the edge of your box became part of your
box (comfort zone) instead? Oooo, a little tiny adventure there that surely you
could accomplish with a little consistent effort and a little time.

Be brave! Be courageous! Know what you want and then screw your courage to the
sticking place to take a tiny, faltering step; soon to running and skipping
outside your box regularly, enjoying your expanding comfort zone. You’ll
serve more, impact more, be more.

*Robert Allen, One Minute Millionaire