Peeking over the edge: small actions

Last week, you were encouraged to peek over the edge of your box. You know, that imaginary box also called comfort zone.

We are all creatures of habit. Our usual, so usual we don’t give any conscious thought to doing them, habits is the box. Peeking over the edge is actively being aware of an edge of our own habits, then deciding if there is a new way of being, a new way of doing in that area. It can be something you don’t like that you want to change to something you do like. It could be something you like that you want to make better or have more of. These can be material possessions, ways of behaving, ways of being.

Small actions are the way to go. Most of us are lousy at effective change in gigantic leaps. Yes, it can happen, often brought on by a dramatic life event. We are capable but not usually in an all-at-once grand a fashion. Small-action change is doable for anyone. Yes, you may have to start over and over again with that small action you’ve decided on. At times, I confidently tiny-step forward in change. Other times I stumble forward. Still, it is forward motion and always delivers valuable feedback. If that little bit of change were likened to learning to a ride a bike, with consistent attempts eventually I’ll be zooming downhill on that bike, hands flung high in the air. Yes!