Success is a learned behavior

One thing I know is that success is a learned behavior. Yep, step by step you can learn to be successful in whatever area of life you want and toward your personal definition of success.

What four new habits would you like to establish in the next twelve months? Jot them down. Which one will be first? Pick it, choose it, commit to it. Make it your focus for the next 13 weeks to learn that one habit. No, not 21 days; thirteen weeks.

Pick one area of your life (health, career, relationships, finances, fun) and decide one habit you will work on. Not one in each area, only one habit as that is about all we’ll successfully develop into a habit through a thirteen-week period.

First, know what you want. Then, decide the next habit to develop to move you in that direction. Yes, I know it feels uncomfortable because it is outside your comfort zone. Developing one new habit is merely building you a slightly bigger comfort zone. Be courageous.

When I decided to leave full-time employment working for others more than a year ago, one part of my ongoing contribution to others I determined to be this weekly email series. Did I know specifically what that would mean to my weekly living? No. Did I know what topics I would write about week after week? Not. Have I done it perfectly? No. Do I have a bigger comfort zone now that I am more than sixty weeks into that self-commitment? Yes.

What can you commit to this week to move you forward, to develop one habit of success from now until the last Monday of August? I’ve picked one which I’ll share in weeks to come.

As I say in my free online video series, the principles of success apply to everyone. It doesn’t matter your stage in life or your level of education, they apply to everyone. Yes, that does mean you.