Celebrating your summer of success

I know you’re building your summer of success day by day. In the past few weeks I’ve shared with you steps to make it so no matter how “success” looks to you. This weekly sharing is all about “discovering your best self” wherever you take yourself—which is always, everywhere.

The next few weeks is about celebrating your successes. I find that most of us are terrible at celebrating. We crazily save it for the achievement of a gigantic goal. A goal that sets our hearts aflutter; a goal that is so big we go into our mode of fear. This fear is often immobilizing. We don’t do anything so we don’t move forward and we don’t celebrate. A shame…a crying shame.

O, we so want to swoop in and accomplish all at once; our confidence-flag flying stoutly in the winds of adversity. It doesn’t happen that way. Ever.

Celebrating is good for the heart, the soul, and the willingness to continue to pursue the goal. Besides a high-five to self, a giggle of “I did it”, you can celebrate your small-action completion with no cost or low cost. You know what yours are–that little something you do occasionally which pleases you. Save and save up for that big, costly celebration for the grand finale of accomplishment.

If you’ll celebrate along the way, you’ll enjoy the journey in more. What’s your favorite little celebration?

Your summer of success Step 3

I have a laughing friend who once said about life : Eat, sleep, repeat.

Your summer of success is much like that.

  • Know what you want (write it down)
  • Figure out the first step(s)
  • Do the first step
  • Repeat

I am fascinated how we make it so hard for ourselves. Yes, I am in the “ourselves” group. Part of the answer to going forward is the small actions. Big dreams are accomplished through small actions, rarely with one fell swoosh.

Take whatever that small action you’ve written down soon. Today would be nice.

Celebrate taking that small action at least by writing it down in your ongoing success journal. You do have one, right?

Summer, winter, fall or spring can be filled with the success of small actions. Tell me about them over on Facebook?

Your summer of success: Step 2

“Small actions” is the new phrase for “baby steps.” Did you take a small action on the goal you wrote down last week or the week before? If not, why not? What’s holding you up?

Be brave! Do the tiniest thing. Stick that toe outside your comfort zone.

Already done the tiniest thing, or a hop, then a skip and a jump? Celebrate those and then do some more. Seriously, small actions are the way to go.

Many small actions have led me to be heading out on my first gig as an international speaker. This morning I am off to Canada, speaking on Tuesday. Celebrate with me?

You can do it, too. Reach your goals I mean. None of us do these alone, remember that. Remember, too, that you are 100 percent responsible for your own outcomes, so get busy with the small action on your list. Today. Right now. Don’t dawdle. < I am smiling at you. >

Summer of success Step 1

Last week, I shared with you three simple steps that, if you take them, will increase your success level dramatically. It isn’t the reading of the steps, it isn’t the knowing of the steps, it is the taking of the steps. Remember, it isn’t what you know, it is what you do with what you know that matters.

This week we’ll examine more closely the first step: goal-setting. This step isn’t a wish or a hope. Goals have defining criteria:
1. Use of the words “I will ….”
2. State how much by when.
3. Written down.

Each of the three parts engage your subconscious mind to begin working for you. If you want to be successful, you’ll do them. If achieving what you want isn’t that important to you—find something that is important to you to pursue.

When you write down the goal you want to achieve, use as much detail as you can imagine. Go on vacation? A vacation on the beach is very different than one in the mountains.

Improve a relationship? In what way? Write down the outcome specifically and by when.

You define the success you want to achieve in the next 90 days. It doesn’t have to be about money or how much you weigh. If either of those come from “I ought to”, do yourself a favor and choose something else. Choose something that excites you in the accomplishment of it. That’s the kind of goal you want so you’ll push past any inertia or rebellion that often creeps in.

Writing down the specifics of what you want to achieve, the goal, cannot be skipped. Otherwise it is a wish, a hope, a good idea. I am planning a more successful summer than that. How about you?

What’s YOUR endgame?

A father once said to me, “I want my daughter to be happy.” I said “I want my daughter to have purpose.”

That memory came to me when I was reading a favorite thinker of mine (Roy Williams). He wrote “…focus and contentment are merely natural by-products of having chosen a purpose to which you are willing to sacrifice yourself.”

When I encourage you to daydream, write down your goals, and take small actions toward them, I am encouraging you to self-awareness so that you can more fully engage in what is important. You get to decide what that is.

“Important” could be a collection of things. I hope “important” is more of pouring that better self of yours that you are working on into someone else. Could be up close by volunteering. Could be money you share close by or around the world. Perhaps you desire to be a more caring neighbor or a team member who goes beyond the task at hand. You decide who is your neighbor and you decide what team. Possibilities are as many as people breathing.

Just as I do for my daughter, I wish for you purpose.

Three steps to a summer of success

What is the success you have planned for your summer? (For you in the Southern Hemisphere, June, July, and August are winter, I know. Substitute “winter” for “summer” in this post.)

Step 1: Write down a short-term goal for the three months ahead. Now, right now, write something down.

Step 2: Under that, write down the first thing that comes to mind to accomplish that short-term goal. You might see only the first step, several might come to mind. Don’t plan out the entire process.

Step 3: Do that one, first thing. Sure, do more if you want, but do the first one.Then, repeat steps 2 and 3 until you’ve accomplished your goal.

Yes, it is that simple and more than likely requires some getting out of your comfort zone, where all of what you want lies.

Be brave. Be focused. I am rooting for you.

p.s. My summer of success includes my upcoming trip to the province of Alberta, Canada, in my first international speaking experience. I am focused on building an exceptional experience for the women of these eWomen Network chapters. If your organization is looking for an exceptional speaker, contact me at info@pamwiley.com or call my toll-free number of 1.855.216.6808.