Celebrating your summer of success

I know you’re building your summer of success day by day. In the past few weeks I’ve shared with you steps to make it so no matter how “success” looks to you. This weekly sharing is all about “discovering your best self” wherever you take yourself—which is always, everywhere.

The next few weeks is about celebrating your successes. I find that most of us are terrible at celebrating. We crazily save it for the achievement of a gigantic goal. A goal that sets our hearts aflutter; a goal that is so big we go into our mode of fear. This fear is often immobilizing. We don’t do anything so we don’t move forward and we don’t celebrate. A shame…a crying shame.

O, we so want to swoop in and accomplish all at once; our confidence-flag flying stoutly in the winds of adversity. It doesn’t happen that way. Ever.

Celebrating is good for the heart, the soul, and the willingness to continue to pursue the goal. Besides a high-five to self, a giggle of “I did it”, you can celebrate your small-action completion with no cost or low cost. You know what yours are–that little something you do occasionally which pleases you. Save and save up for that big, costly celebration for the grand finale of accomplishment.

If you’ll celebrate along the way, you’ll enjoy the journey in more. What’s your favorite little celebration?