Your summer of success: Step 2

“Small actions” is the new phrase for “baby steps.” Did you take a small action on the goal you wrote down last week or the week before? If not, why not? What’s holding you up?

Be brave! Do the tiniest thing. Stick that toe outside your comfort zone.

Already done the tiniest thing, or a hop, then a skip and a jump? Celebrate those and then do some more. Seriously, small actions are the way to go.

Many small actions have led me to be heading out on my first gig as an international speaker. This morning I am off to Canada, speaking on Tuesday. Celebrate with me?

You can do it, too. Reach your goals I mean. None of us do these alone, remember that. Remember, too, that you are 100 percent responsible for your own outcomes, so get busy with the small action on your list. Today. Right now. Don’t dawdle. < I am smiling at you. >