What’s YOUR endgame?

A father once said to me, “I want my daughter to be happy.” I said “I want my daughter to have purpose.”

That memory came to me when I was reading a favorite thinker of mine (Roy Williams). He wrote “…focus and contentment are merely natural by-products of having chosen a purpose to which you are willing to sacrifice yourself.”

When I encourage you to daydream, write down your goals, and take small actions toward them, I am encouraging you to self-awareness so that you can more fully engage in what is important. You get to decide what that is.

“Important” could be a collection of things. I hope “important” is more of pouring that better self of yours that you are working on into someone else. Could be up close by volunteering. Could be money you share close by or around the world. Perhaps you desire to be a more caring neighbor or a team member who goes beyond the task at hand. You decide who is your neighbor and you decide what team. Possibilities are as many as people breathing.

Just as I do for my daughter, I wish for you purpose.