Ask consistently

With clearly and confidently habits we are utilizing in asking, consistently is next.

In asking clearly, we are learning to review our ask so that it says what we mean. In asking confidently, we approach our asking with an internal assurance that that thing we are asking for is on our way to us. In asking consistently, we realize that a “yes” to a one-time ask is nice and it isn’t the norm.

You know how little kids keep asking, asking, asking for the same thing over and over and over? It can be annoying. Still, they are not deterred if it is important to them. It’s a beautiful illustration of determined pursuit of the desire encapsulated in the ask.

Are you determined enough to keep asking? Determined enough to keep asking through the nerves of asking? Through the no’s? If you are not, I encourage you to review the importance to you of what you are asking for. If it isn’t that important, find something that does stir you past the anxiety of asking clearly, confidently, and repeatedly.

Be kid-like this week. As Jack Canfield, my mentor who has taught me so much, says “Ask, ask, ask!”