Milestone celebrations

In my orb last week were a celebration of a life well-lived and a celebration of love and hope in futures tied together. The milestones of life found in funerals and weddings help me remember the precious treasure we hold in our hands day to day. The “big” celebrations help me to remember to “stop and smell the roses.” To enjoy the beauty unfolding day by day, the treasures of life, joy, and laughter are found in the plainness of living.

Last week I was also at the birthday celebration of a friend who turns 105 this week. (Not a typo). This precious friend has a still sharp mind, gets about well enough for her age. She, though, is trapped by macular degeneration and loss of hearing. Loud talking in the correct hearing-aid-assisted ear does mean communication can take place. Her sight is impaired enough there is no more reading and, well, not much seeing though it isn’t all lost.

I posit to you that being able to see is a milestone celebration as much as weddings, birthdays of any number, and funerals. Being thankful is another form of celebration and every day has something in it. Our best selves show themselves more and more as we practice celebrating little accomplishments and the gifts of life and living. Pick a happy-dance focus for today.