She celebrated with…

  • a leisurely stroll through her favorite park.
  • a glass of champagne.
  • coffee with a friend.
  • an hour lost in her favorite craft.
  • jettisoning clothes that no longer fit.
  • poking around the library for an afternoon.
  • volunteering at the food bank.
  • trying out a line dancing class.

How do these strike you as ways to mark a wee accomplishment?

These are small celebration ideas for your small-action-taken successes. When we have piles of cash to spend on a celebration, it is easy enough to create celebration. Such as when I celebrated my birthday last fall with a trip to Italy to live slow, sip wine, and eat cheese. In the small-action celebration category I tried out a line dancing class last week. I love to dance—it makes me happy.

Saying “attagirl” to ourselves with a tiny celebration oft times seems frivolous, not worth the effort. Wrong. Or we can’t think of something to do because the pull of “oughta’s” or the action taken was so small.

Build your habit of success by celebrating even the smallest of small actions. Borrowing from Galadriel of Lord of the Rings: Even the smallest action can change the course of the future. The future you change is yours when you take those small actions toward your goal and couple them with a celebration, a marking of overcoming, of discovering more and more your best self.