It’s a wrap: asking is required

We’ve spent the last four weeks learning the importance of asking for what you want. We do live in community and no one can read your mind. In the past weeks have you been doing more asking? Trying different methods? Asking different people?

If not, why not? Have I left you unconvinced? Has a little grip of fear frozen your asking mechanism? Is it that you don’t know what you want and, therefore, don’t ask?

Once we know to our core that we are each 100 percent responsible for the outcomes in our lives, then pushing past our resistance becomes do-able. Note that I didn’t say “easy.”

It’s 3.5 months until the end of 2013. What’s left on your list for that timeframe? What do you need to ask for this week to move those forward?

When I train groups, give speeches, work with clients one-on-one in private mentoring, “Everything you want is outside your comfort zone” appears somewhere. We all have a comfort zone. We all like being in our comfort zone. It is uncomfortable asking for what we want outside our comfort zone.

Make no mistake, whether inside your comfort zone or expanding your comfort zone through new initiatives, you are 100 percent responsible for your outcomes.

I took a lull in business initiatives of late as my daughter was home while we had an extended weekend celebrating with family and friends my mom’s 90th birthday.
What a milestone!

Now that those sweet memories are tucked away, it’s time to be clear-eyed about the accomplishments I will be celebrating at the end of the year. Yes, I will have much work to accomplish and I will also have many opportunities to ask for what I determine helps me on the way to success.

What about you?