Rubber chicken asking

With all the attention-distracting activities people endure and subject themselves to, sometimes asking creatively is in order to get the attention of the person we’re asking.

Marketing Outrageously tells the story about using a rubber chicken mailed in a FedEx box to grab the attention of weary I-ain’t-buying-anymore-of-your-season-tickets-you-losers sports fans. That chicken with a team jersey included was wildly successful in ticket purchases. Think millions in sales.

Don’t have a sports team to promote? Maybe it’s a sulking teenager you’re wanting to catch the attention of, maybe it’s an uncooperative co-worker,  a distracted boss, a friendship that is flagging for a reason you don’t know. Asking creatively by thinking of your own rubber chicken idea could be the action that opens their mind to hear your request.

Rubber chicken not required.

So far in this series on asking we’ve considered asking clearly, asking confidently, and asking consistently. Share with people important in your life these key concepts in discovering their own best self. It’s good to have some buddies on the journey.