Keep the shiny side up

I had my first B&B guest this weekend and it was fun.

She was in town to participate in the Porsche driving school that the local speedway conducts. Her love of learning to handle her car at high speeds was wonderful conversation while I devised breakfast food. (I like to experiment.) The school is a multi-year experience and includes classroom time as well as time on the track. I find it fascinating when people allow a peek into their lives. Don’t you?

My driveway never looked so good as it did having that gleaming, red Cayman sitting in my driveway. She left early Sunday morning what with having to be at the track by 7:30 a.m. She shared with me that “Keep the shiny side up” was the term to use to wish her success at the track. It’s like “Break a leg” one says to theatre people before performances. I didn’t have the time to ask her where that saying came from. Is the bottom side of a car dull and it means don’t flip your car over? What do you think?

We find it easier to keep our shiny side up on Fridays. Choose to do so on Mondays, too. It’s a habit of mind that you have the ability to develop. That’s the reason I send this missive on Mondays to help you push through the doldrums we often wear on Mondays. It’s not a good color for you. Me, either.

You can pop over right here anytime where I keep all of the Monday encouragements. Do you have a favorite one? It’s always there for you.