Not liking this

I have been taking action through the morass of failing technology to get you your Monday encouragement. Are you “having a Monday,” too?

The start switch on my computer stopped working two days ago. Nothing is easy after that.

This falls squarely in the discussion of doing things when we don’t want to because it is for an end that is important to us. This is different than doing things because we “ought to.”

Deciding the parameters of what I would do, in priority order, helped me to focus on solutions and not the total disruption of my typical living, to actively set aside anxiety, and to focus on the good that I know is coming toward me. I don’t know what that good is but I know God has good planned for me out of it and it’s on its way. I am looking for that good.

This, too, is an action that I am taking, over and over and over again. I often wish this habit of mind, choosing a focus on good, burned more calories. It can be exhausting. Ha!

Though sitting in the Apple Genius Bar is a pleasant experience, it isn’t where I want to be and doing something I didn’t to do. I am choosing not to be grouchy or unkind.

This is a fine example of E+R+O. It isn’t what happens to us, it is how we respond to what happens it us.