A jammin’ journal

Open that book, your eyes falling on any page, you know what you’ll find: only good things you’ve done. Successes large and small that you have accomplished. Would not that be a great book? One you’d want to spend a few minutes with?

That is what a success journal is all about, the third of our three happy habits. At the end of your day, write down what you’ve accomplished that day. The one rule for a success journal is that it must only contain those things you’ve done that you count as success. No grocery lists, whining about your neighbor, how you flubbed something. Nor how you’ve been hurt, undone, weary and worn. Write that somewhere else if you must. This is a jammin’ journal. It is a happy habit.

It’s form is up to you. Decorate your pages with doodles, use bullet points, or long narrative. Use your electronics if you must. I encourage you to print them out so you don’t need your battery charged to look at them. It is important to write them and it is important to regularly review them.

I’m a pen and paper girl myself. I, too, work at consistently writing successes at the end of each day. It isn’t yet automatic for me like brushing my teeth. I’ll do it well and then I let the habit slip away. Silly girl.

If you make your living in a way that includes formal appraisals, or asking for a raise, consistently writing in your daily success journal will hold successes that you could use for your own benefit. We easily forget what we’ve accomplished or overcome.

When I look back in my journal of success, it helps me remember that I am moving forward in the direction I want to go. I can overly dwell on stumbles and fumbles, and how my goals seem so faraway. Let’s learn from them and move on. Developing this habit builds up our reservoir of “I can do it.” We all want encouragement. Developing this habit is encouraging ourselves daily, we don’t have to depend on others. We can fill our own well.

Have you ever tried this happy habit? Are you willing to grow? Willing to use a success principle that is proven to work for everyone no matter age or station in life? Teach this principle to your children, share it with your friends.

Write your own book of successes. A happy book from a happy habit. Don’t over think it. You know this Nike saying because they’ve poured billions of advertising into it: Just do it.