Purposeful thankfulness

Many nations have a thanksgiving kind of holiday. In the U.S. it is in November each year. This is a great month to be purposeful in our thanksgiving no matter where you reside. Being grateful, or thankful, is one of the three happy habits.

The first of these is being thankful; purposely thankful. It has to be purposeful because this kind of happy habit is even more important to practice when circumstances are hard. When everything is going our way, it is easier to be thankful yet often we are not purposeful about being thankful.

Go to this fantastic post I wrote last year about being thankful. One of the cool things about these success principles I teach you is that they are ever true, not changing year to year like the latest social media. These are foundational. They apply to and work for everyone.

They are simple in concept, difficult in consistent application. The former can fool us as to their power and effectiveness. The latter has to do with our nature to see success right away and reluctance to do the work over time.

Are you willing to invest in your own life, your own success by purposely being thankful regularly? How about giving it your best this month of November? I am. Gather up a friend or two to join you and me. Really, it’s a happy thing.

Track how you experience your own life when you spend a few moments each day being thankful. Thankfulness is a great conversation topic anytime. Use it instead of grousing. 🙂