Giving: The same but different

We arrived at December 2013 and its season of giving. This brief note encourages you to imagine momentarily not having any money to purchase gifts. What, then, would you give?

Your time. Your attention. You.

Little ones hunger for stuff, sure. They hunger for listening ears and hearts more; for them to be seen and heard. Bake cookies with them to connect meaningfully over a fun task. Bake fewer of them or let them be less than perfect to make room for the memory-making fun. If it isn’t fun for you generally, then find something else to do. Let them catch your attitude of joy and fun all during the month.

Don’t bake cookies? It’s only an illustration. Fit to your own interests and temperment.

What family member or friend could use your brand of encouraging word?

What volunteer opportunity can you give yourself to? There is need in your community. Opportunities abound to fit your interest and your available time.

Of course you’ll still give stuff if that is your habit. I am suggesting you add in more of you as you go along day by day. I am suggesting that you listen to any “I’ve got to do that” that comes up for you. You are choosing those things. Choose differently! You’ll have much more on your thankful list, your success journal, more to look forward to each day, and you will land in 2014 more joyfully.