In the quiet

As we review the three happy habits so that we can finish well 2013, it is in quiet we can be most thankful. Quiet from the noise of our lives be that electronics, relationships, ticking clocks. Find a few moments of quiet to let what you have to be thankful for bubble up to your consciousness. Better a few minutes a day than putting it off for months or years, saving for some grand travel or experience.

The other happy habit you can best start your day with in the quiet is paranoia in reverse. This is taking a few moments after being thankful to coach yourself into positive expectations for the day. Remember what you think about, comes about.

Train yourself to expect good at every turn no matter is happening around you.

Difficulties are part and parcel of daily living. Look past them every morning to envision that good is coming your way either despite those difficult circumstances or through those difficult circumstances. Then practice that habit of mind throughout the daily, especially when you catch yourself dreading something.

Many opportunities and good things pass us by because we are not looking for good nor opportunities in our daily living. Coupled with a few moments of thankfulness, this is a powerful and positive way to start your day. Better than vitamins.