Your 2014: Your one thing

The year 2014 is around the corner and full of magical possibilities! Not one moment has been written yet.

What usually happens as the new year rolls around is people make all kinds of crazy promises to themselves. Behaviors and attitudes they will display for the next year with some vague goal in mind. You have probably seen statistics on how not successful that is. Most people who make New Year’s resolutions have thrown them aside three weeks in.

I don’t want that for you or for me. Let’s be and do differently.

Your assignment
Find quiet moments in the next week to reflect with a truthful and kind eye at where you find yourself at the end of 2013. We are all a bag of successes, mistakes, and failures. Don’t be surprised to find that true of yourself. It makes you one of us.

The point of this reflection is not to berate yourself. It won’t yield any results that are beneficial to you or to anyone else.

Then imagine yourself a year from now. If you could change only one thing between now and then, what one thing would it be? One. Just one.

You may need to make a list to write down everything that comes to mind. This gives you a way to visually see those too many options and prioritize them so that one comes to the top. Every area of your life is open in this reflection: health, career, money, relationships, environment.

Sure, sure. They are all worthy of your time and effort. Yet, unless you have successfully taken on a myriad “I will be, do, act differentlies” in the past, be kind to yourself and skip that insanity. Notice I said “successfully.”

Once you’ve chosen your one thing, you’ll want to hold it up to yourself mentally for a few days. Is this a thing you “ought” to do? No good. You won’t do that. If you would do that, you would have already done that.

We are each searching for that one thing that we are motivated to go through the pain of change for. I teach in my work that everything you want is just outside your comfort zone. How do we know that? Here’s how we know that: If it was in your comfort zone, you’d have it, right?

I’ve begun this process myself. I have identified one change from two years ago and one change from last year that I can point to that I was motivated enough to make the small, consistent changes that produced the success I intended. I am not being mysterious about them. You first think of your own before I share mine. I haven’t come to the 2014 one thing yet. With the craziness of holidays and activities and, and, and…I haven’t given it much thought. This week my schedule is better suited for reflection.

I’ll share my one things of 2012 and 2013 next week and my 2014 one thing the following week. I hope you will join me in this important, beneficial, can-be-life-changing-if-you’ll-do-it process. Up to you. Remember: your outcomes are decided by you no matter what circumstances come along. That’s E+R=O.