Got grit

I am liking this “grit” idea here at the end of 2013. I gritted some things out in 2013. I bet you did, too. I will do so again in 2014 because I choose to. You?

There isn’t anything magic about it. “Unfortunately,” says the I-want-a-magic-wand me.

I know the word “grit”; it isn’t a new word to me. That quote I gave you last week struck me anew in an article I’d recently read. And that fellow shared a video I had seen before about a disabled veteran who exhibited I-want-some-of-that-kinda grit.

We giggle when babies are learning to walk and they fall on their little padded bottoms. We cheer them on to try again. No cheering here. No padding to cushion bruised ego. He isn’t a “star”, he isn’t breathing beach air or living in a lux manse. No. He is gritting it out in plain circumstances toward an unknown outcome on camera.

The video’s less than five minutes. Do yourself a favor and load up your own grit, to say to yourself “Well, if he can do that, I can do [your one thing].”

Determination and discipline are the results of motivation. Are you motivated rightly?

If your one thing for 2014 doesn’t deep-in-your-gut motivate you, determination and discipline skitter away on your last “Auld Lang Syne.” If your one thing is about “oughts” and “shoulds”, don’t bother. For grit to hold, to last, to push through, that motivation must come from a different part of your being.

Look hopefully and with joy into 2014. No matter your circumstances, you can get to the end of it having achieved what you determine to achieve. It’ll take grit. Day in and day out. There will be days when you don’t do what you committed to. This is not failure. Failure is not starting up again. Not being gritty. Let’s be gritty together in 2014.