The challenge of focus

As you’ve refined your one thing for 2014, the challenge becomes practicing seeing yourself as successful in it at the end of 2014. Remember “what you think about comes about”?

If you’re like me, there will be moments, days, even weeks of choosing other thoughts about that one thing or not even thinking about it. Does this mean failure? No. It doesn’t.

It means that when we catch ourselves not inching ahead to our 2014 one thing, we are presented with the opportunity to imagine our success, bringing that into back into focus rather than “I am such a slug, a failure, no good, why do I try?” Has that kind of self talk worked for you before? Of course not. Accept that you’ve forgotten or shied from focusing on this one thing you’ve chosen and begin where you are. Again. And again. As many times as needed.

No need to wait until tomorrow either. You can begin again right now. Use this weekly note to imagine yourself achieving what you’ve set out to do. Counting today that would mean fifty times to refocus on your one thing.

There’s no trick to consistently visioning yourself in the success you’ve set for yourself. It is about setting up systems to bring you back to it if you are like most of us who allow distraction to take us off course. That is more common than those who don’t veer off. Using this Monday encouragement to take a few moments to imagine yourself as successful in your one thing would be such a system.

Two more weeks until this note will include the name of the person who’s won the $100US Amazon gift card. I am giddy with this giveaway.