Turn back

I don’t mean retreat. I don’t mean give up. “Turn back” today means turn your mind back to your one thing 2014. How much of your mind focus has been on your one thing this past week?

It isn’t going to be 100 percent. That can’t be done, don’t believe that foolishness. If it were 100 percent then you’d be annoying to everyone you meet. Give that up.

Did you turn your mind to your one thing even a little and then take some action around that thought in the last week or two? Even this early in the year you are showing yourself how willing you are to shift your life activities to make room for what you said you want.

We all have junk that gets in our way of what we say we want. That is a given of life. This goes back to E+R=O. It isn’t what happens to you, it is how your respond to what happens to you.

A reaction you had yesterday you can turn into a response of a different kind…if you choose to. You know this: the life you have today is one completely built of the choices you’ve made. Don’t like that life or some sliver of that life? Then, it is you who has to change. Bummer! No one else to blame.

This whole E+R=O, once you grab hold of it , not letting it wiggle away, is the most freeing concept. It will fight to escape, to run away so that you go back to pointing fingers at others to be the cause of your troubles and lack of success.

If you do find yourself blaming and complaining, how is that working for you? This blaming and complaining you catch yourself doing, is it helpful in achieving what you want, reaching consistently toward your one thing 2014? I have yet to hear of a case where that is true. It won’t be true for you because it isn’t true.

Turn back to your one thing! Believe that one thing is possible. Take one action today toward it no matter how miniscule that action is.