Four success principles

A couple years ago I participated in training with Jack Canfield, the leader in the field of human potential development (success principles). He said then that making four success principles a year into habits is an excellent goal. That “habits are formed in 21 days” isn’t bunk and it also isn’t universally true. Habits become ingrained over a longer period of time. What that time is is individual to you as a person and your motivation and how long you’ve been doing the habit you are changing to something better.

In my 100+ posts (Yea me!), I promote success principles that apply to everyone no matter their age, stage of life, education, industry. These are universal. That is what I love so much about helping people understand enough so that they will actually use them. What a concept! It isn’t what you know, it is what you do with what you know that impacts your precious life.

Here are four earlier posts I wrote that speak to foundational principles.
Discovering purpose
Success is a learned behavior
You decide your outcomes (E+R=O)
Building ingrained habits

Is four too many for you to think of ingraining through 2014? That’s okay. Pick one and work it. Maybe not one of these four. That’s okay, too. Pick something. Quit muddling. You’ll be far along your road of success with that one. I am cheering for you.