Choosing bluebonnet thoughts

Spring has come to where I live in Texas and the bluebonnets grace our roadsides, waving gently in the out-like-a-lamb breeze. I was on the highway today in this glorious weather glancing at the bluebonnets, the Indian paintbrushes, and that yellow wildflower we have so much of in spring. With all this beauty, this exquisite momentary beauty surrounding me at 75 mph, I find myself thinking about couldas, wouldas, and shouldas. Ugh.

A sliver of God’s bounty that only comes once a year, and I allow my mind to wander off. Remember I mentioned last week about living in a noisy world and most of it is in our heads? I am as prone to it as you.

I am less apt to stick there as I used to be. I am more apt to actively place my thoughts on what is happy, what is joyful, and what is good. You can do it, too, with desire and practice.

Here’s how you train yourself.

1. Decide that it is important to you to learn the techniques to think the thoughts you want to think instead of always letting your mind chase rabbits of its own choosing. Seriously. Write it down somewhere because getting what you want to commit to out of your head and onto something you can visually revisit at your choosing somehow brings substance to your decision to think and do differently.

2. When you catch yourself thinking on thoughts you don’t want to dwell on think on something else. Actively change your mind to other thoughts. I have found that when I first was learning this, I might have to actively choose a new thought every second. Exhausting. I said then and I still say now I wish this changing what we are thinking about burned more calories.

3. Repeat step 2.
4. After that repeat step 2.
5. Go back to step 2.

No fairy magic wand here to wave over you. You’ll have to do the work yourself. Remember this foundation success principle of E+R=O. Event+your response=your outcome. When you respond with active changing of your mind when you find yourself thinking thoughts you don’t want to think at that moment (event), you will get a very different outcome than if you let your wandering mind have its way with you all the time.

Bluebonnets are a happy. Another one is when my daughter comes home for a visit and that is this week. Talk about something happy to focus on!