Three more principles of success (asking)

As a group, the post a couple weeks ago on four success principles was opened by most of you. Wanting to give you more of what you want, I am revisiting another success principle…one without which you won’t reach whatever goals you have: asking.

There are steps and nuances to asking.

Ask clearly
Ask confidently
Ask consistently
Ask sincerely

And a super fun one: Rubber chicken asking

The most important step is to actually ask!

You might recall that my one thing 2014 is to, at least once a week, do something that causes fear in me. As two months have passed, most of these “fearful” situations have to do with asking. I am getting better at this asking thing and nothing awful has happened.

You can’t fool me. I know there is something of someone you want to ask. Go for it. I am rooting for you.