4000 sequins

It could be 5000. All I know is that I am hand stitching, stitching, stitching a wholelottaofem on the bodice of my daughter’s wedding dress. It’s a great lesson in focus, focus, focus.

I am a definite DIY person and I am also not a seamstress. I can do it but it makes me a not-pleasant-person. All that inside out, upside down, and threads all balled up in a machine. I remember so well the beautiful, red-taffeta-with-ruffles dress I made ages ago for my daughter to wear as flower girl in a friend’s wedding. It turned out great but I was a bear while making it.

No machine involved in hand-sewing sequins so I am relieved of that insanity though I would have still volunteered to do it out of that deep, inexplicable emotion of daughter love.

Because I’ve determined not to bring the work to Mom’s because of the resident cat where I imagine all kinds of horrible things could happen, my sewing minutes are limited to daytime and it is limited further in that I’ve agreed to send it the middle of February to her finished where she lives too far away. I put aside more and more to spend enough time stitching, stitching, stitching. I am glad my speed is picking up a little. I am too old for all-nighters and survive them well.

And you? Whom are you showing your love to? How are you showing your love? You do know love and kindness are shown not told. If the behavior of love isn’t there, then love isn’t there no matter what is being said.

Your love might be shown through providing for your family in a job that doesn’t thrill you, volunteering in the soup kitchen, it might be wiping a jillion times the snotty noses of your kids. Sure there are random acts of kindness but showing love isn’t random. It is purposeful and places the other person ahead of yourself.

“I thought this was going to be about focus?” you might wonder. It is! I am focusing  (choosing) on loving my daughter well in a manner that she welcomes. (You parents of adult children know what I am talking about.)

We all ought know that serving others–not out of habit or duty–oft times does require choosing one thing good thing over another good thing. We must give up whatever we were doing to do the things that show love. Not mushy Valentine love, but true love. It is there you’ll discover your best self.