Yes, in 98 days from this date of 24 September will be 31 December. Add one more and we’ll be in 2013 with all its promise and adventure. Shall we resolve together not to make resolutions then? Instead, I propose that we take a few precious minutes this week to visualize what we want to happen between now and that turn of the calendar.

It may be new ideas or, because you’ve already got a written down vision, it may be revisiting those joyful images and what progress you’ve made toward it, even when progress is infinitesimal. No progress? Do not give up! Start again. What can you do to move forward?

Does your vision need a little shape-shifting to help you move forward? Your vision must be motivating enough for you to make the changes that can be so hard to make. This is one of my favorite sayings: “Nothing changes until you do.”

We all have difficulties and challenges to face; some self-inflicted, some not. We get off track often. We don’t manage our energy well day to day.

For myself and the rest of 2012, I am thinking I had better get busy. I haven’t made the type of progress I set out for myself. Have I failed? If I gave up, then, yes. Mistakes, stumbles, and diverted attention add up to precious experience than can inform my decisions going forward.

It is the same for you. If you give up, then, that is failure. Don’t be that way. I know you have it in you to succeed at whatever you’ve set out for yourself. Need help along the way? We all need help along the way so ask for help.