About Pam

She is the quit-muddling, ask-hard-questions expert helping women in business define goals, align thoughts and behavior, and refine strategies that result in confidence and success.

You’re smart, you’re able, yet you are not moving forward how you want to. You are muddling. Possessing the talent and skill isn’t enough. Until clear goals are defined and quantified, determined strategies are developed, and step-by-dogged-step tactics embraced, muddling rules. Her proven results-oriented process supports you as you discover together what’s most important to how and how to achieve it.

Pam’s daughter once said at a convivial gathering, “Don’t sit next to my mom, she asks hard questions.”

When you are ready to face and answer those hard questions, you are ready for change, ready to invest in your own success. The sports world knows the value of coaching, the executive world knows the value of coaching. It’s time for you to know its value. Investing in coaching is wise for any woman. Yes, that means you. These women invested in themselves by investing in coaching with Pam.

“It is pure joy for me to support women ready and willing to discover their best selves.”

Pam’s strategies have led to me to become more focused and confident. Pam did not let me B.S. through our conversations. She is a very structured, down-to-business coach who knew how to deliver a very rewarding and relaxed experience to me. I love that she was able to see through all my layers and help me pull down “The Great Wall of Mary” to discover the person that was hiding behind the wall. I am forever grateful.
-Mary A. Goode, USA

“Pam is an insightful and loving coach. The “Vision of Success” she prepared for me was truly inspirational! She expertly led me to take concrete steps to achieve those goals. I highly recommend you call Pam if you are looking for a coach to accelerate your success.” –Catherine Scheers, Canada

Reasons to work with Pam Wiley
Full of sparkle, wit, and wisdom, Pam is an award-winning communicator, international speaker, coach extraordinaire, daring renovator and sometimes jazz singer. Pam has garnered wisdom through life training, mentoring by leaders in the field of human potential development, and ongoing expansion of her knowledge and best practices. She lives out her philosophy of “If you are living, you need to be learning.”

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