About vacation

The value of learning to say “no” graciously is having control of your time to do more of what you will. I want for you to learn to say “no” graciously and, then, use some of that time to take vacation. True vacation. The dictionary says that “vacation is an extended period of recreation; especially away from home or travelling.”

The reason the “away from home” part is important is it gets you away from your “ought to’s”. You know that mind traffic of “I ought to:

  • Move the laundry;
  • Mow the yard;
  • Make those phone calls.”

We often call the letting go of daily responsibilities “wasting time.” Let’s reframe that to a positive description. “I am refreshing”, “What a delight to daydream today”, “I am purposely playful.” Have you taken a true vacation of late? Whatever your reasons for not are not good enough. Figure out a way to get 24, 48, 72 hours away from your normal day-to-day so that you can be refreshed in your normal day-to-day. The longer you can take, the better.

For me, I find that it takes until about the third 24-hour period before letting go of the ought-to’s of daily living sticks; where my mind stops going to those ought-to’s and I fully enjoy the surroundings and people I’ve chosen for vacation.

Right now, this week, I am on vacation enjoying far-from-home surroundings and family. I’ll be away from home a full eleven days, a lengthy treat not often enjoyed. Writing to you about the value of vacation doesn’t feel like an ought-to.

Recently we’ve discussed what kind of holidays you want to have. If your holidays are not a vacation you will enjoy in the sense of refreshment, plan soon to work in one. A little one if need be. Your mental, emotional, and physical refreshment serves you and thus the ones you choose to surround yourself with.