An approach to asking

Did you ask for something last week that you’d been resistant to ask for? I asked you to write down something you wanted to ask for, who you would ask it of, and the reason you hadn’t asked for it. I am wondering if you’d decided to go ahead and ask. Did you?

Here’s the promised framework for asking for what you want.

• Imagine the person is going to say “yes” to your request. Ask in that frame of mind, with positive expectation.

• Going along with that idea, assume that you can acquire, do, receive whatever you are asking for.

• Ask someone who has the ability to grant your request. Here’s a way to ask for someone who could grant your request. “Who is authorized to make a decision about [your request]?”

• Be clear and specific in your request. Use specific amounts, specific deadlines, specific actions. Think through your entire request. Perhaps it will be best to ask for it step by step in reaching your goal.

• Ask again, and again, and again. Be persistent with no whining. You may have to ask on a different day, a different person, when you have new data, when the economy improves. The list goes on.

Successful people keep asking for what they want. And, that would be you.