And then I said…

Can you identify what you’ve said to yourself in the past fifteen
minutes or so? Any of these or something like them?
* “Way to go!”
* “I pushed through my fear. Excellent!”
* “I am glad I’ve made progress, even though tiny. Progress, not

Or was it like these?
* “I am so stupid.”
* “I can’t do anything right.”
* “I’ll never get anywhere. < insert someone's name here > was right about me.”

If your thoughts in the last few minutes were among the first type,
keep that up! Encouragement is the best motivator.

The other kind? Not so much.

Have you ever been around a baby learning to walk? What do you, or
other adults do, when the baby takes that first wobbly attempt at a
step and crashes to the ground?

Is it not words in the vein of “That was so good!”, “Yea!”, “You almost
did it! Try again!”

I don’t ever remember hearing anyone say “You are so stupid, you’ll
never get it right. How worthless are you?!”

It is too bad we don’t encourage each other so much as we mature. It
would be much more fun, don’t you think? Until that happens, we must
learn to encourage ourselves.

Give it a go this week; a purposeful go. Sure you’ll stumble. Keep
trying, keep learning, keep saying “I am doing it better each time and
I will learn to walk. Running won’t be far behind!”

Recognize your own efforts and celebrate them. The tiny efforts most of

I am cheering for you, for every moment of discovering your best self.
Please let me know how I can support your endeavors.