Monday encouragement

4000 sequins
7 February 2015
It could be 5000. All I know is that I am hand stitching, stitching, stitching a wholelottaofem on the bodice of my daughter’s wedding dress. It’s a great lesson in focus, focus, focus…..Read the whole story.

Choosing bluebonnet thoughts
31 March 2014
Spring has come to where I live in Texas and the bluebonnets grace our roadsides, waving gently in the out-like-a-lamb breeze…Read the whole story.

Listening in a noisy world
24 March 2014
And most of it is in your head…Read the whole story.

Can you hear me now?
17 March 2014
That famous line from the Verizon Wireless commercial speaks to actual sound reaching someone’s ear. In a totally different vein, we’re going to visit the number one effective communication skill: Listening…Read the whole story.

Three more principles of success: asking
10 March 2014
As a group, the post a couple weeks ago on four success principles was opened by most of you. Wanting to give you more of what you want, I am revisiting another success principle…Read the whole story.

Revisiting success is a learned behavior
3 March 2014
This post about learned success behavior was part of last week’s post encouraging you to pick at least one…Read the whole story.

Four success principles
24 February 2014
A couple years ago I participated in training with Jack Canfield, the leader in the field of human potential development (success principles). He said…Read the whole story.

Raise your reputation through RSVP
17 February 2014
Not to me. That’s not what the title of this post is about. I am thinking about…Read the whole story.

Turn back
10 February 2014
I don’t mean retreat. I don’t mean give up. “Turn back” today means turn your mind back to your one thing 2014. How much of your mind focus…Read the whole story.

Amazon gift card winner
3 February 2014
I used the list randomizer at to scramble up the subscriber list of email addresses. The one that came out on top is… Read the whole story.

Repetition? Practice?
27 January 2014
It’s the doing of a thing over and over that brings us closer to how we want to be and what we want to achieve. Read the whole story.

The challenge of focus
20 January 2014
As you’ve refined your one thing for 2014, the challenge becomes practicing seeing yourself as successful in it at the end of 2014. Remember “what you think about comes about”? Read the whole story.

100th post prize
13 January 2014
The decision is made. The Monday encouragement 100th post prize is a $100 gift card from Amazon for one lucky subscriber. Read the whole story.

Got grit
30 December 2013
I am liking this “grit” idea here at the end of 2013. I gritted some things out in 2013. I bet you did, too. I will do so again in 2014 because I choose to. You? Read the whole story.

Gritting it out
23 December 2013
If you remember nothing else, remember this: the game is won—or lost—not by the infrequent big changes, but by the frequent, deliberate, and repeatable small ones. This is where grit comes in.”–Peter Attia Read the whole story.

Two years in review: one thing
16 December 2013
Honing in on your one thing? I am not there yet. I have a couple of candidates I am wearing for size and fit for 2014. Will still deliver my decision next Monday. In the meantim… Read the whole story.

Your 2014: Your one thing
9 December 2013
The year 2014 is around the corner and full of magical possibilities! Not one moment has been written yet… Read the whole story.

Giving: The same but different
2 December 2013
We arrived at December 2013 and its season of giving. This brief note encourages you to imagine momentarily not having any money to purchase gifts. What, then, would you give? … Read the whole story.

The adventure of happy habits
25 November 2013
Daily climb the mountaintop of gratefulness. … Read the whole story.

A jammin’ journal
18 November 2013
Open that book, your eyes falling on any page, you know what you’ll find: only good things you’ve done. Successes large and small that you have accomplished. Would not that be a great book?… Read the whole story.

In the quiet
11 November 2013
As we review the three happy habits so that we can finish well 2013, it is in quiet we can be most thankful… Read the whole story.

Purposeful thankfulness
4 November 2013
Many nations have a thanksgiving kind of holiday. In the U.S. it is in November each year. This is a great month to be purposeful in our thanksgiving… Read the whole story.

Exquisite autumn
29 October 2013
Where I live in Texas in the United States in the Northern Hemisphere we are heading toward winter. Between our hot summers and our mild winters is exquisite autumn, my favorite season. Not brutally hot nor be-bundled-up cold… Read the whole story.

Keep the shiny side up
21 October 2013
I had my first B&B guest this weekend. Read the whole story.

You don’t have to.
14 October 2013
Conversing with a friend the other day she said “I have to …” with that ‘I have so much to get done and this isn’t fitting into my plan or my fun’ tone we all get when we’ve over scheduled ourselves. Read the whole story.

Not liking this
7 October 2013
I have been taking action through the morass of failing technology to get you your Monday encouragement. Are you “having a Monday,” too? Read the whole story.

When I didn’t want to.
30 September 2013
I mentioned last week about writing in my success journal the actions I do for my mom, sometimes with the notation “When I didn’t want to.”. Read the whole story.

Get moving. Now. Today.
23 September 2013
It isn’t thinking. It isn’t planning. It is taking action that gets us where we want to go. Read the whole story.

It’s a wrap: asking required
16 September 2013
We’ve spent the last four weeks learning the importance of asking for what you want. We do live in community and no one can read your mind. In the past weeks have you been doing more asking? Read the whole story.

Ask sincerely
9 September 2013
It ought to go without saying yet I shall say it: ask sincerely. In the current culture, we all have a highly tuned “B.S. meter.” Others are looking for authenticity and transparency just as you are. Read the whole story.

Rubber chicken asking
2 September 2013
With all the attention-distracting activities people endure and subject themselves to, sometimes asking creatively is in order to get the attention of the person we’re asking. Read the whole story.

Ask consistently
26 August 2013
With clearly and confidently habits we are utilizing in asking, consistently is next. Read the whole story.

Ask confidently
19 August 2013
Couple your asking clearly with asking confidently. Be confident that your request is reasonable and appropriate to ask that person for it. People who ask confidently are more often successful… Read the whole story.

Ask clearly
12 August 2013
How about having something new to celebrate? The past few weeks, we’ve looked at celebrating so that we are enjoying our small actions as we go along. Now we’ll spend time learning about asking for what we want. Read the whole story.

Milestone celebrations
5 August 2013
In my orb last week were a celebration of a life well-lived and a celebration of love and hope in futures tied together. Read the whole story.

She celebrated with…
29 July 2013
She celebrated with… Read the whole story.

Celebrating your summer of success
22 July 2013
I know you’re building your summer of success day by day. In the past few weeks I’ve shared with you steps to make it so no matter how “success” looks to you. This weekly sharing is all about “discovering your best self” wherever you take yourself—which is always, everywhere. Read the whole story.

Your summer of success: Step 3
15 July 2013
I have a laughing friend who once said about life : Eat, sleep, repeat. Your summer of success is much like that. Read the whole story.

Your summer of success: Step 2
8 July 2013
“Small actions” is the new phrase for “baby steps.” Did you take a small action on the goal you wrote down last week or the week before? If not, why not? What’s holding you up? Read the whole story.

Your summer of success: Step 1
1 July 2013
Last week, I shared with you three simple steps that, if you take them, will increase your success level dramatically. It isn’t the reading of the steps, it isn’t the knowing of the steps, it is the taking of the steps. Read the whole story.

Three steps to a summer of success
24 June 2013
What is the success you have planned for your summer? (For you in the Southern Hemisphere, June, July, and August are winter, I know. Substitute “winter” for “summer” in this post.) Read the whole story.

What’s YOUR endgame?
17 June 2013
A father once said to me, “I want my daughter to be happy.” I said “I want my daughter to have purpose.” Read the whole story.

Peeking over the edge: small actions
10 June 2013
Last week, you were encouraged to peek over the edge of your box. You know, that imaginary box also called comfort zone. Read the whole story.

Peeking out of your box top
3 June 2013
Here in the U.S., we have the saying “Thinking outside the box.” This phrase
causes me to ask are we all in the same box? Do we each have our own box?
What are we doing in a box anyway? Read the whole story.

Success is a learned behavior
27 May 2013
One thing I know is that success is a learned behavior. Yep, step by step you can learn to be successful in whatever area of life you want and toward your personal definition of success. Read the whole story.

The power of knowing
20 May 2013
Did you wake up this morning knowing what you want to happen today? You know, a plan? More importantly, do you know what it is that you want in the various parts of your life and have them written down? You know, goals. Read the whole story.

Good and good for you
13 May 2013
I was reading an article this week about practicing pleasure and its physiological impact on the human body. One particularly interesting part is that pleasure and distraction are not the same. “Ah,” said I. Read the whole story.

Daydreaming challenge
5 May 2013
How did you start your morning, this morning? And last night? How did you end
last night? Did they include a healthy dose of daydreaming?

Daydreaming is a “a series of pleasant thoughts that distract one’s attention
from the present.” Another word for it could be … Read the whole story.

Open to possibilities
29 April 2013
“We should always be open to greater opportunity.” My dad told me this years ago. He was a career man and this particular comment had to do with working. Read the whole story.

No sneering
22 April 2013
Last week, I wrote the sentence “Small steps, small gains, small improvements are wonderful and not to be sneered at.” Whether used as a verb or a noun, sneering is about mocking and contemptuousness. Don’t do that. Seriously. No sneering. Read the whole story.

15 April 2013
So far in 2013, we’ve look at reboot, refocus, reenergize, and reflection as well as reassign. This week is recommit. Read the whole story.

Seldom is heard
1 April 2013
Do you happen to know this old tune Home on the Range? Part of the lyrics are:

Seldom is heard
A discouraging word
And the clouds are not cloudy all day

Are you are person of encouraging words or discouraging words? Read the whole story.

No straight line here
25 March 2013
Last week was looking at how you are spending the time you are given and deciding if you are using it as well as you might to achieve your goals. It came on the heels of my post about decision making. This week, will you look at the big goal you’ve got for yourself and take whatever next step is the next step? Read the whole story.

Reassign time
18 March 2013
“I need to make time for that.”

What’s impossible in that statement? Read the whole story.

11 March 2013
What do you do when you are stumped? Stuck when you have a decision to make, stepping sideways from a relationship thorn that needs plucking. Even two good circumstances can leave us stumped for a bit. Staring at the fork in the road, which path to put your foot on? Read the whole story.

4 March 2013
Reboot, refocus, reenergize, and reflection came up earlier this year. Let’s add recharge.Read the whole story.

Watch your language
25 February 2013
“Watch your language” was a term my mom used when we children used a disrespectful tone or came close to cussing (foul language). Cussing got a different response from Mom. Read the whole story.

An approach to asking
18 February 2013
Did you ask for something last week that you’d been resistant to ask for? I asked you to write down something you wanted to ask for, who you would ask it of, and the reason you hadn’t asked for it. I am wondering if you’d decided to go ahead and ask. Did you? Read the whole story.

Important enough to ask
11 February 2013
You are at a food-serving establishment. Once you’ve decided what you want, you usually say one of two things. Read the whole story.

Your grandest purchase
4 February 2013
Each one of us has a certain number of days on this earth. We don’t know how many 24-hour increments there are for us. We all, though, do want to spend them for what we think is important; what has value. Notice the word we use around time? Spend. Read the whole story.

Quick pick: Celebrate!
28 January 2013
Though I don’t say it much, the name of this weekly email series is “Monday morning encouragement.” Our accomplishments will be sweeter and sooner if we don’t spend any part of the weekend bemoaning the arrival of Monday. Then spending quite a bit of Monday thinking “Ugh. It’s Monday.” Let’s be different. Let’s celebrate! Read the whole story.

One more re
21 January 2013
Last week I mentioned reboot, refocus, re-energize. This week reflection. Though last week it was begin again adding “re” to boot, focus and energize, reflection is a concept I want you to view as ongoing. Read the whole story.

Re-, re-, re
14 January 2013
I heard a statistic last week that said 78 percent of people who made a resolution for 2013 have already tossed them aside, given up, said “Oh well, I can’t do that.” Oh my friends, that wasn’t even two weeks into 2013. Let’s not be a part of that group. Read the whole story.

Oh happy day
7 January 2013
As I mentioned in last week’s note, I have been working on an online video course for months and said then I would tell you about it now. Read the whole story.

So long 2012
31 December 2012
Here we are on the last day of 2012. Are you thinking “yippee!” or “ugh”? Either way 2013 starts tomorrow. Read the whole story.

Still here and rejoicing
24 December 2012
In recent weeks there was much hoopla about an ancient Mayan prophecy that the world would come to an end 21 December 2012. It isn’t anything we can know, so I didn’t get caught up in that conversation. And sure enough, here we are. Read the whole story.

Be one who listens well
17 December 2012
Do you know how to listen well for someone who is experiencing grief, mourning, and loss?

Listen well. And listen well “for”. I chose the word “for” because listening well is something we can do “for” the person who is in such sorrow and pain. Read the whole story.

De-stress yourself
10 December 2012
December means holidays. Even if you personally do not celebrate, you’ll have the opportunity to learn how to say “no” graciously many times. Well, unless you are a long-time Grinch of Dr. Seuss fame and no one speaks to you anymore. Read the whole story.

Ready, set, goal
3 December 2012
It is so important to have goals; or if it is better for you to say “decide what you want” use that. Knowing what you want is the key to achievement in any area of life. Culturally, we use the end of the calendar year for review and as a launch pad for deciding what we want in the coming months. Read the whole story.

How will you finish 2012?
26 November 2012
Back in July, I asked you to review the first half of 2012, note your successes, and plan for the remaining half of the year by dreaming, writing down, and setting off toward your finish of 2012. That post is here. In September… Read the whole story.

Give thanks
19 November 2012
Here in the United States it is the week of Thanksgiving Day; assigned to the fourth Thursday of the month of November in modern history. This time of remembrance of many blessings was begun in 1621 by the Pilgrims (New England colonists who’d sailed from Europe) after their first harvest in their new land. Read the whole story.

Circling around
12 November 2012
When speaking last week about the value to you of vacation, I mentioned that I was actually on one. Now home, my sleep pattern will still be out of whack another day or two, but oh, that time away was precious to me for many reasons. Read the whole story.

About vacation
5 November 2012
The value of learning to say “no” graciously is having control of your time to do more of what you will. I want for you to learn to say “no” graciously and, then, use some of that time to take vacation. True vacation. The dictionary says that “vacation is an extended period of recreation; especially away from home or travelling.” Read the whole story.

Tell the truth quick
1 November 2012
What to you do whenever your forget and then remember? What is your usual behavior?

For instance, last night I remembered I hadn’t written a Monday morning encouragement for you. Yikes! Now what is the best approach? Read the whole story.

Saying “no” graciously
22 October 2012
In last week’s post about how to handle the holidays in a non-frazzled manner, learning to say “no” graciously is the skill you will need to achieve the outcomes you are aiming for for the holidays. You know, the outcomes you thought about, wrote down, and discussed with the family members or friends it would be important to talk to.

Learning to say “no” graciously is a skill that serves us well every season of our lives. Without it, we enslave ourselves to other people’s agendas. Read the whole story.

What’s your advice?
15 October 2012
Here in the United States, Thanksgiving is in five weeks, Christmas is in ten, New Year’s is eleven.

I am wondering how you approach them and how you would advise someone to approach them. Read the whole story.

Three happy habits
8 October 2012
Last week I reminded us of the saying “It isn’t what you know, it is what you do with what you know”. Because I write ever week, I know it is hard to implement everything even when the concepts/habits are simple. Read the whole story.

Journal of success
1 October 2012
On a mastermind call last week, I was reminded that a success journal would be a very good habit for me to incorporate into my daily disciplines. I was sharing how I wasn’t accomplishing the things I had as goals in the timeframes I set out for myself. Like so many of us, I was ignoring what I was accomplishing and only focusing on what I wasn’t. Read the whole story.

24 September 2012
Yes, in 98 days from this date of 24 September will be 31 December. Add one more and we’ll be in 2013 with all its promise and adventure. Shall we resolve together not to make resolutions then? Instead, I propose that we take a few precious minutes this week to visualize what we want to happen between now and that turn of the calendar. Read the whole story.

In toto
17 September 2012
Have you noticed the banner across the top that says “Discover your best self.”

I’ve long said there is not a “personal life” and a “professional life” for each of us. We have one life. Who you are is who you are everywhere you go. Sure, different facets or sides of us show up at different places. A diamond, or even a lump of coal, has different sides and yet it is still one diamond or one lump of coal. Read the whole story.

Believing impossible things
10 September 2012
“There is no use trying,” said Alice; “one can’t believe impossible things.”

“I dare say you haven’t had much practice,” said the Queen. “When I was your age, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” Read the whole story.

Setting your brain to work for you
3 September 2012
Last week we discussed a vision display which is words and images of character qualities and more tangible items that are important to us. This vision display is used by looking at it daily, and while looking at it enjoying the feelings we would experience if those are already ours. Read the whole story.

Seeing your vision
27 August 2012
A tool widely known as effective to helping you stay the course in discovering your best self is known as a vision board. This is a collection of images and words that display what you are pursuing in your life. These could be tangible such as a car, a landscaped yard, a cruise. These could be short-term or long-term. Read the whole story.

“For” something
20 August 2012
A concept I teach in the training I conduct is the importance of learning to say “no” graciously. As we identify what we want, what we are for, naturally there will be many distractions that will come our way. As we build the life we want, we must learn to say “no” graciously, and often to good things. Read the whole story.

And then I said…
13 August 2012
Can you identify what you’ve said to yourself in the past fifteen minutes or so? Any of these or something like them?
* “Way to go!”
* “I pushed through my fear. Excellent!”
* “I am glad I’ve made progress, even though tiny. Progress, not
perfection!” Read the whole story.

What you and Olympic athletes have in common
6 August 2012
This is it: Determine the goal. Write the plan. Execute the plan day in and day out.

That’s it. That is what you can have in common with Olympic athletes. You can determine your goal, write the plan to achieve that goal, then execute the plan every day. It is simple. It is within your power. Read the whole story.

Your gold
30 July 2012
Two-hundred five countries are represented in the Olympic Games which started this weekend. Athletes worldwide have gathered in London to compete. We watch with fascination, rooting for our favorites, celebrating their focus, dedication, and mastery of their sports. Read the whole story.

Curioser and Curiouser
23 July 2012
One of my identified, written down, top five passions is “feeding my curiosity.” It shows itself often in my life and through the years has taken many forms. Learning to throw pottery, making concrete countertops for my kitchen, and one of the latest is learning to sing jazz. In fact, I am on my way to a jazz camp for an entire week of learning and experiencing jazz music. Read the whole story.

2012 Part 2
16 July 2012
On the Gregorian calendar, we are now in the second half of 2012. We often ask “Where did the time go?” Now there’s a question for the ages. We can’t answer that question and a better one would be “What did I do with the time we call the first six months of 2012 and what am I going to do with the last six months?” Read the whole story.

Sailing six months in
9 July 2012
Do you remember the hope and the plans you made when six months ago the new year of 2012 began? Still taking little steps, little bites in the direction you’d set for yourself? Are you finding yourself distracted or finding that those plans you made then didn’t really serve you? That you’ve grown in the past six months and now have more clarity? Read the whole story.

Freedom or trapped
2 July 2012
This week in North America, Canada has already celebrated its freedom and the United States does so this Wednesday on July 4th. Perhaps you’ve heard the saying “Freedom isn’t free.” Yes, freedom comes at a cost. Freedom is costly. Read the whole story.

Risking for feedback
25 June 2012
Let’s agree that feedback is information that comes to us about our behavior including what we say and how we say it. At home, at work, wherever we go, we are receiving feedback. It is valuable, it is our friend. Read the whole story.

Did you let go of that banana?
18 June 2012
Last week I brought up the idea of our holding on to things, ideas, and concepts that keep us, that trap us. It was the story about the monkey being trapped because it wouldn’t let go of a banana. Read the whole story.

What banana are you holding on to?
11 June 2012
I was looking for unexpected opportunities last week and they always appear. Here are three of them. Read the whole story.

Paranoia in reverse
4 June 2012
Do you ever find yourself with an ill feeling of what is coming your way circumstantially? As we actively take 100 percent responsibility for the quality of our lives, it can be easy to focus on the challenging circumstances we’ll have to deal with, vaguely fearful of what might be appearing today, or tomorrow, or the next day. wise. Read the whole story.

Make it memorial
29 May 2012
Here in the United States it is Memorial Day; a day for remembering the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. This collective act of commemoration began after the American Civil War, in which it is estimated 750,000 soldiers died. No one knows the number of civilian casualties.

No matter where you live, your citizenship, or your country of birth, taking the time to reflect upon those who’ve contributed to your life is wise. Read the whole story.

Within reach when you stretch
21 May 2012
Do you find that when you stretch your body that if feels good? Though uncomfortable as we unkink our bodies, stretching releases tension, realigns bones and muscles, provides a break for our mental processes. It feels good.

Are you thinking “Wait! I didn’t sign up for exercise info”?…“Everything you want is just outside your comfort zone.” Read the whole story.

A thankful way of life
14 May 2012
Do you consider yourself a thankful person? Someone who practices gratitude daily? We can always find something to be grateful about even in the midst of dire circumstances.

This morning I hear birds singing outside this early morning. I am thankful to hear the sounds of nature. In that are two things to be thankful about. 1. I can hear. 2. Birds serenading me outside my door….okay, they are merely doing what they do. I choose to think of them serenading me. Read the whole story.

Be a student always
7 May 2012
Are you pursuing new ideas, new knowledge, new connections? Part of the grand adventure of life is expanding what your know and how you show up in the world. I bet you already do that naturally for what you are currently passionate about. Hobbies, business/career, and relationships in all forms. That quest keeps us all interested in our life lives.

This past weekend I attended a conference (Experts Academy) for that very reason. Read the whole story.

Little bites
23 April 2012
Quick! What’s that big goal you wrote down last week? Even if you didn’t do it write one down right now. Don’t over think it.

I hope it is so big a goal you have no idea how you will get from where you are now to the accomplishment of the goal.
Read the whole story.

The big one
16 April 2012
Do you have a breakthrough goal? A dream goal that bubbles up out of your heart that it would be quantum leap for you? A goal so big it scares you a little to think about it? Yes, that goal. Read the whole story.

Accountability rocks
9 April 2012
Do you have people in your life that support you and cheer you on? “That’s What Friends Are For” is a mid 1980s song by Burt Bacharach and Carole Bayer Seger, most famously covered by Dionne Warwick with this as the chorus:

Keep smiling, keep shining
Knowing you can always count on me, for sure
That’s what friends are for
In good times, in bad times
I’ll be on your side forever more
Oh, that’s what friends are for

Read the whole story.

Stopping irritations
2 April 2012
In our current culture there is a lot of talk about the environment. Many people working in many causes. Today, though, we’re to chat about the environments you live in but not the creek in your neighborhood nor the Amazon rainforests.
Read the whole story.

26 March 2012
How have you been choosing what you think about? Do you find it is challenging as I do? I know from experience it does get easier with daily, consistent practice. Read the whole story.

Staying focused
19 March 2012
Last week we visited the idea of honing in on your purpose: how your specific gifts and talents are expressed in the world. I do hope you took the time to work through that exercise. It does not matter where you are in life, it is important to know. Once knowing, it informs your day-to-day decisions. Rest in knowing that you may refine that purpose statement over time as you give it more attention. You’ll find what resonates for you if you look for it. Read the whole story.

Discovering purpose
12 March 2012
We’ve had luscious rain here the past few days where I live in Texas. After the severe drought of last year, there is much to be thankful about. I admit, though, that when that big Texas blue sky reappeared late yesterday afternoon, I was more thankful. Read the whole story.

Own it
7 March 2012
Are we celebrating together accomplishing our three item to-do list we set out for ourselves last week? I did mine. Yea! I hope you accomplished yours. Not only does it move you toward what you set out as important; that feeling of accomplishment is a good one that is worth the effort. Read the whole story.

Success is a learned behavior
3 March 2012
Did you choose to write down three things last week that you planned to accomplish by the time you arrived at this Monday? If you did, are you celebrating this morning that you moved ahead on wrote you wrote, even if by a little? I celebrate with you whatever you purposed to accomplish, three or not. Read the whole story.

Encouraging clarity
26 February 2012
As you begin your Monday, looking to this day and the six that follow, do you have clarity about that which you expect to happen? About what you will accomplish? Read the whole story.