Circling around

When speaking last week about the value to you of vacation, I mentioned that I was actually on one. Now home, my sleep pattern will still be out of whack another day or two, but oh, that time away was precious to me for many reasons.

During that time away, I asked my grown daughter what she planned for herself in 2013. That conversation gave me the opportunity to quantify out loud what I intend to accomplish in 2013. The myriad ways of serving others and the income targets from those different initiatives, serving in my local community, house projects–I am a serious DIYer.

How this is circling around is that we’ve conversed about setting goals in some fashion in nearly every thing I’ve written to you on this blog. We are near the end of calendar year 2012. How are you doing on what you set out to do in 2012? Surely you’ve had some successes in that. Assuming you did, how did you celebrate? This activity is important in helping you continue to do the oft-times challenging work of stepping outside your comfort zone to become who you want to become, and to achieve all you want to achieve.

How will you finish 2012? There is plenty of time to move forward on those goals. Remember any forward movement is good and worthy of your effort. Don’t stop because you may not reach the full goal. Be further along at the end of December than you are at the middle of November.

Also begin casting, daydreaming, writing down your intentions for 2013. It is so fun when you let go of the “oughts” and focus on the outcome as if you were already living in that outcome. What we think about comes about because of the mental and emotional energy we give our hopes, dreams, and goals. It is all about focus. Each of us has to know what we want and then choose focusing on it over and over again.

When your hopes and dreams are joyful to you, then focusing on them becomes easier.