Curiouser and curiouser

One of my identified, written down, top five passions is “feeding my
curiosity.” It shows itself often in my life and through the years has
taken many forms. Learning to throw pottery, making concrete
countertops for my kitchen, and one of the latest is learning to sing
jazz. In fact, I am on my way to a jazz camp for an entire week of
learning and experiencing jazz music.

Another recent feed-my-curiosity item is around acting. I signed on
with a talent agency as the next step in feeding that curiosity. I have
no idea how it will turn out, if you’ll ever see me in a commercial, or
film, or some such. I am not looking for an expensive hobby. After some
time if it isn’t paying for itself, then I would more than likely give
that time to something else I am curious about.

With either the music or the acting, will I have my name up in lights
somewhere? I suppose that would be fun and nice but that isn’t the
motivating factor. I am more about how good can I be and am I enjoying
the experience?

What about you? Are you pursuing something you have been wanting to
know more about or making time for that hobby, skill development, or
loved one? In your lists from last week’s note, have you written down
something to pursue that brings you joy? More fishing? Traveling to the
big city or the countryside? Connecting with a long lost friend who has
been on your heart lately? What is it?

Oh, do have something like that in your plan for the last half of 2012.
You know that saying about all work and no play. Neither do we want to
be all play and no work. Even if we were independently wealthy, wisdom
shows us that if we are not experiencing the work of personal growth
and development, or reaching out to those less fortunate, we are not on
the journey of discovering our best selves. Pure self-indulgence may
seem like fun though if we gave it serious reflection, that type of
lifestyle would not leave a legacy of worth.

If you are ready to go through the process of discovering your own top
five passions, I can help you through the Passion Test. If you already
know your passions, have you reviewed them lately? Are you choosing in
their direction consistently?