Did you let go of that banana?

18 June 2012
Last week I brought up the idea of our holding on to things, ideas, and concepts that keep us, that trap us. It was the story about the monkey being trapped because it wouldn’t let go of a banana.

Some bananas are rotten, that do not serve us and still we hang on to them. Other bananas are good things and keep us from going in the direction we want to go.

Did you identify a banana you were holding on to? Were you able to let your grip of it go? If you did let go, even a teense, yea! If not, why not?

Earlier this year I became an entrepreneur. For a while I was saying “I find that working out of my home I am easily distracted.” How is that a rotten banana? I was subtly giving myself permission to stay distracted; to not move forward; to not grow in this area. To recognize that banana is good if it leads to my changing my behavior in the direction I want to go. Do I want to spend a year saying “I am easily distracted” and have the results of that? No, of course not. It is a stinky banana and I am letting go of it.

We build steadily on the foundational success strategy of being 100 percent responsible for the quality of our lives. I do not see this strategy as ever being automatic. Easier, yes. Get there quicker? Sure. Always and ever automatic? No. We are not made that way.

A new thing I am doing while I am not being distracted, instead choosing focus and productivity, is video. This five-minute one gives two success strategy tips and promotes the seminar I am co-presenting at this Saturday which I have mentioned before. Am I as good at being on camera and the technical side of this new venture as I want to be? No, of course not, I am new at it. I improve because I want to be and I will focus on it in a way that moves me in the direction I want to go.

If you take the time to watch it, thanks! I would love your feedback on any aspect of it. What worked for you? what would work better for you? Feedback is my friend. Yours, too. That’ll be our subject next week.