Discovering purpose

We’ve had luscious rain here the past few days where I live in Texas. After the severe drought of last year, there is much to be thankful about. I admit, though, that when that big Texas blue sky reappeared late yesterday afternoon, I was more thankful.

We spoke last week of taking 100 percent responsibility for our lives. When we grasp that concept and begin applying it to our lives, change comes.

Where are we going as those days that add up? What are we investing our time in? What are we trading our life for? What is the purpose? What is your purpose?

Have you done the work of knowing what your purpose is? If not, the sooner the better! If so, have you checked your day-to-day life against that stated purpose lately? Are adjustments needed?

I am remembering at this moment my daughter once told someone we were with “If you sit next my mom, she is going to ask you hard questions.” I remember that because like the hard lesson of last week, these can be hard questions to face and answer. Yet the work is so important. Important to you own life to keep you on track through the headwinds that come.

Sailing is a perfect illustration. Sailboats go where they will no matter which way the wind is blowing. They set their destination (purpose) and go. There are times when the winds are blowing toward their destination and the sailing is easier. Other days the wind is blowing anyway but their way. The term “tack” is used in sailing for the maneuvers that makes overall progress toward the destination, making the wind work for them, weaving back and forth and still heading toward its destination. The other options are staying in port or only going where the wind blows. Where are you sailing to?

Here’s a life-purpose exercise to help you with that answer. Find ten quiet minutes for yourself. You might need more if you haven’t given this much thought before, and ten focused minutes ought to give you a good start. You may have to give more time to yours, as I did to mine. I keep revisiting it and you might, too.

1. List two of your unique personality qualities, such as enthusiasm, creativity, dependable, etc. No clue? Ask someone whose opinion you respect, like a very good friend; someone who cheers you on.

2. List one or two ways you enjoy expressing those qualities when interacting with others, such as “to support” or “to inspire”.

3. Now imagine an ideal world. What does it look like? How is everyone interacting with everyone else? What does that world feel like to you? This is describing an ultimate condition stated in the present tense. Hopefully, that world you imagine is a fun place to be.

4. With the answers from 1, 2, and 3, combine them into a statement that starts with “My purpose is using my”. Here’s an example: “My purpose is using my creativity and enthusiasm to help others discover their best selves as we walk this life-journey together in joy and harmony.”

Give it go. It often takes coming back to it several times, fiddling with the statement until it resonates true. No more hard questions for today.

Let me know how I can support you and your endeavors. I enjoy hearing from you.