Freedom or trapped?

2 July 2012
This week in North America, Canada has already celebrated its freedom
and the United States does so this Wednesday on July 4th. Perhaps
you’ve heard the saying “Freedom isn’t free.” Yes, freedom comes at a
cost. Freedom is costly.

All the more reason to treasure it in whatever form we have it in our
lives, no matter what the laws are in your country.

I had a conversation with a friend last week who had recently passed
through the “I am trapped in this situation” thought pattern we often
tell ourselves. Have a job you don’t like, doesn’t pay you enough,
where you are saying to yourself “I have to…..” as if you are an
actual slave? Oh, I have done it, too.

Yes, it is true that in the world there is still places where people
own other people. The probability of that being so to those who receive
this note of encouragement today is almost nil.

Assuming this to be true of you, that you are not the literal property
of another person, in the above situation, you don’t “have to”. That
job you are going to must have value to you that you choose to keep
receiving. When we stop saying “I can’t …” to the true statement of
“I choose …” then we shed that feeling of trapped to a feeling of
control, 100 percent responsibility, and, yes, freedom.

This is what my friend had come to. She chose to stop believing the lie
that she was trapped. She realized she was staying in her job because
she earned income that was important to her. Though she wasn’t
experiencing the day-to-day outcomes she wanted there, she realized she
had options. She could focus on the good that job provides to her and
her family, and she could be about the business of looking for a
different position that would provide the other benefits in a working
situation she desired.

At the moment, her outward circumstances have not changed. She has
changed her thoughts about it, though, and her personal power in it.
She went from telling herself the lie that she is trapped to the truth
that she is in control of her life.

Whether personal or professional, you are receiving benefit of some
sort from everything you choose to do or you would not do it. It is so
for all of us.

Are you feeling free or are you feeling trapped? Remember that saying
of “What you think about, comes about”? Wherever you are, celebrate
that you have the freedom to change your mind about your circumstances.
Change your thoughts, change your world.

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