How will you finish 2012?

Back in July, I asked you to review the first half of 2012, note your successes, and plan for the remaining half of the year by dreaming, writing down, and
setting off toward your finish of 2012. That post is here.

In September, I asked you to think about if your vision was motivating enough to overcome those tiny and sure changes we all must make to achieve what
we want. Remember, “everything you want is just outside your comfort zone.” That post is here.

Now, today, we are at a mere 37 days to the beginning edge of 2013. What are your plans for those days? How much more on your vision for 2012 will you accomplish? No “hope” nor “try”. What are you going to do with those 37 days?

Me? I am going to accomplish this one goal I have I’ve repeated saying I am going to accomplish. I haven’t accomplished yet. I’ve crept forward. I’ve
been stuck in what-ifs. I’ve moved ahead. I’ve ignore it because I don’t know what to do next. The only thing keeping me from accomplishing that big, hairy,
scary goal is me. Still, I keep saying in my mastermind groups that that is what I am focusing most on and I know I am going to push through
all I allow to hold me back.

While you are moving in that direction of accomplishing what you set out to do in 2012, when those visions of 2013 wander through your conscious, write them down so that when it is time to get those dreams that joyfully motivate you to action on paper, you have a starting point.

I’ve been visiting family for the U.S. holiday of Thanksgiving, making the trek home today. Then, I am going to finish the biggest part of that one goal during the rest of the week.