No sneering

Last week, I wrote the sentence “Small steps, small gains, small improvements are wonderful and not to be sneered at.” Whether used as a verb or a noun, sneering is about mocking and contemptuousness. Don’t do that. Seriously. No sneering.

Here in the west, it is often considered clever among friends. It isn’t. Online we see more and more of this type of attitude among strangers. It isn’t helpful to any conversation or to any understanding. It is rude, is meant to be rude, and is meant to be a put-down.

I do hope that you don’t hang with people who are into sneering as a habit. That stuff rubs off you know. What goes around, comes around and you can be sure it will be directed at you.

Most of us have done this, sometimes want to do it even still. Instead, adopt a thankful way of life. Be quietly, to yourself, thankful for all that you have, the opportunities you have, that you don’t have to be drawn into mean and hurtful conversations. Walk away, zip your lip, or change the subject.

I am not writing about this because I’ve been sneered at nor have sneered at anyone else. I am having a great week. I am presenting this week on the topic “Communicating in the 21st Century.” Though we have many ways to communicate now, the basics are the same and have to do with treating others with respect, listening well, and taking 100 percent responsibility for our actions and outcomes. I’ve also got poppies and other wildflowers in my yard. It’s a happy time. I want that to be so for you, too.