No straight line here

Last week was looking at how you are spending the time you are given and deciding if you are using it as well as you might to achieve your goals. It came on the heels of my post about decision making. This week, will you look at the big goal you’ve got for yourself and take whatever next step is the next step?

Reaching your goals isn’t about having the perfect plan to reach them. Reaching your goals is about taking the next step that you know to take. After that you’lldecide what the next best step is. It could very well be quite different than
what you thought it would be before you took the previous step. This doesn’t mean you were wrong, it means you are taking in what is happening and adjusting toward reaching the goal. Reaching the goal is the goal. The goal isn’t having all the perfect steps in order and doing them perfectly.

In my free video series, I use Walt Disney as one of my examples for dreaming big dreams. In a blog I read for inspiration and amusement, a video on YouTube of Walt talking about being goal-oriented (results) rather than about process is served up. It’s 24 minutes long and that may not fit into your goal-reaching schedule. If you want to hear him say that it is the goal that is important and not so much how they reach it that is the driving force for decisions, you can hear him say those very things starting at 6:25. You’ll only need give it 35 seconds to minute 7:00.

So, what next step can you take this week? It might seem a straight step at the moment and in hindsight might be part of a crooked line. It doesn’t matter, the goal is the thing. Take that step this week. The sooner the better.