Oh happy day

As I mentioned in last week’s note, I have been working on an online video course for months and said then I would tell you about it now.

Before I jump into that, I share with you that the principles I share week-to-week with you here, I’ve been practicing, implementing, returning to in the creation of this series.

I haven’t done one before and I chose to do it all on my own. Developing the content, shooting and editing the video, obtaining web hosting and other parts that make the thing go successfully. Much of that is outside my comfort zone. Way outside my comfort zone. Way, way outside my comfort zone. Even now, though this series is finished and up, I have to actively remember that it is progress, not perfection, that we’re going for. My negative self-talk tells me the video quality isn’t on par with ones shot in a professional studio, by professionals, using hair and make-up professionals. Well, piffle on that. Is the content good and life-changing if someone would use the information? Yes it is.

I attended a seminar last year where I heard an expert I respect say that if it is 80 percent good enough, launch it. The video series is much more than 80 percent good. Still, I had to actively keep telling myself I was moving forward toward what I want to achieve. I share this with you to let you know that I haven’t “arrived” either. Like you, I am moving forward in who I want to become and all that I want to achieve.

This series is titled “Discover Your Best Self: The Basics.” I had decided that it was going to be three videos and I didn’t know how long those videos were going to be. Once filmed and edited, it turned out to be right at two hours total. The concepts are what I share with you here. I am excited about the value I am offering.

As far as launching it to the broader world, I am starting with you here in my list. Please share with those you know who are also on an active journey of discovering their best selves. I suspect there might be a technical glitch or two at this early stage of launch. If you would be so kind to share with me any difficulties you might have after you’ve signed up to receive it.

My target had been to finish this series about six months ago. I had no idea what I was getting into when I made that target date. I had no idea the magnitude of the internal resistance I would experience in the accomplishment of this goal. Still, it is a happy day today. I kept slogging at it in the midst of my not knowing how, what to do next, fear of fill-in-the-blank.

Experience your own happy day by counting your wins. Ignore the what or how you didn’t meet your own expectations. It’s not helping you.

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